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Called According to His Purpose

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
July 22, 2018

Called According to His Purpose

The Father’s unfailing love will do something, or will work something so as to take you out and to take you on.  Something good is going to come out because goodness is expressed in deeds. It doesn’t matter what situation you got yourself into, but all things will work together for good. Something good is going come out of it. But to those who are called according to His purpose. 

The Heavenly Father calls or summons us for His purpose. There are four main purposes the Father has called us to. What are they?
#1 Summoned into His Kingdom
#2 God Placed Us in the Body of Christ – the Local Church
#3 God’s Plan for Your Life and Your Family’s                                                                           #4 God Called Us for a Greater Purpose

When God calls us, He is summoning us to do something for His purpose and a refusal is not an option. The calling of God for full time ministry is also where a refusal is not an option. As our lives are for the fulling of His purpose, then He will work something good out for us in every situation.