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Following God’s Leading

Pastor Darren Tan
March 8, 2020

Following God’s Leading

In the natural, sometimes God may lead us into places that are unknown, or even situations that does not sit well with our natural mind and body. So what do we tend to do? We grumble? Or give off an attitude? Or choose to do it, but show the whole world how unwilling we are to get it done. Just because we are uncertain, or don’t know what lies ahead of us. Or maybe it does not conform to what we were taught and are used to do. Because we cannot see beyond what our mere eyes can.

Following God’s leading is not about following what we can see, or feel. Following His leading is purely by Faith. To trust in His words, the things that He has spoken to you. “For I know the plans I have for you” declares (Myself I sworn) the Lord. The Word ‘declares’ here means to announce something clearly, firmly, publicly or officially. In the commentaries they are actually translated as sworn, an oath the Lord has made, a promise. In times of crisis, times of decisions, times of transitions, are we asking God for an easy and quick solution? Or do we ask for God’s good and best solution.                                               

The word ‘followership’ is actually defined as: The ability and willingness to follow a leader. The state of being a follower as the word suggests.

Are we willing to move when God asks us to go? Are we willing to stay when God asks us to stay? Knowing that He has already made a promise that His plans for us will be good and prosperous, and they give us a hope and a future.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. – Jeremiah 29:12

The verse tells us we need to first call on Him. The word ‘call’ is actually an action verb or also called dynamic verbs of a subject either doing something or has already done something. To just call upon His name, pray to HIM. And then what will He do? HE WILL LISTEN.

We will find Him when we seek Him with ALL OUR HEART. Not part. Not half. BUT ALL OUR HEART. This is the assurance that we have in the name of Jesus. The promise that God has given us. To guide us into following His leading. We simply need to trust Him. But what does trusting in the Lord truly mean? It simply means believing in Him. It means that you have read His promises in the Bible and simply take Him at His word – you just believe what He’s said

“Let Jesus take the wheel”. In this life that we are walking, Jesus is always the leader and we are always the follower.