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The Abundance of Rain

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
February 3, 2019

The Abundance of Rain

Once Jesus was anointed, He went to the synagogue to preach. The first thing they handed Him was the scroll of prophet Isaiah. 

The Scriptures prophesied about Jesus who would be the One to be anointed by the Holy Ghost, to preach and proclaim so that the people could hear. What will happen when people hear?

• The Good news will get them saved

• Jesus will heal the brokenhearted

• Jesus will proclaim release to the captives; those who have been physically and spiritually held captive

• Jesus will proclaim the recovery of sight to the blind

• Jesus will set free the oppressed

• Jesus will proclaim the Lord’s favour

Jesus began His ministry by preaching and proclaiming the gospel to the poor. Anyone who is not saved is spiritually poor and any believer who does not know many of God’s truths is also spiritually poor in that area. Therefore it is time we tell about Jesus and the truths in God’s Word, to both the unbelievers and the believers.

It is time for the Holy Spirit to rain abundantly again. The earth needs the abundance of rain of the Holy Ghost to fall for another great harvest of souls. Bring them into the church to hear what we have to proclaim to them. People who hear the truths are permanently set free easily. We need the abundance of rain of the Holy Ghost to bring people into His Kingdom.